Black & White

Untitled photo

Since I love flowers and photographing them it is no wonder that this macro picture is included in the gallery.

I'm very fond of macro photographing; catching motives in their real sizes with clear details inspires my passion, photography.

Roses are one of my favourite flowers and I have some rose bushes in my garden, which usually are being used as models. This rose was in a bouquet that I received on my birthday, it is called Bella Rose. Roses are amazing motifs with their beautiful petals that open up to the viewer; they are inviting and soothing to look at.

This photo has in addition to its beauty and sweetness something gothic about it. A design that fits into many varied environments, everything from kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, office to environments such as hospitals and dentists where the picture gives a soothing feeling. I have a fondness for black and white photos. They are cleaner in the image and therefore more permissive for the viewer to create their own feelings and thoughts about the subject.

The photo is, as many of my flower pictures taken at home in my conservatory, where there is no wind and I get a perfect natural light and can easily switch between different backgrounds. Sometimes I get a little bit extra excited when a photo is taken, and that feeling arose when I was done with this photo.

Dark and Light

Untitled photo

Some photos that I have taken have given me a cheerful and happy feeling, such as Yes, there it was. This is one of those photos.

It was a February day in 2007, I went to Långa Bryggan (the Long Bridge) in Bjärred in Skåne. It is a popular meeting place for photographers, swimmers, barbecues, runners, etc. It is a place I often visit and many of my photographs have been created here.

Långa Bryggan is about 547 meters long and at the end there is an open-air bath and a restaurant with a breath-taking view of the four compass directions. I had visited the restaurant in the morning and I'm glad I had my camera with me because I took this photo on my way back and it is one of my favourites. This is also one of the photos with the most Wow comments by various observers.

When processing the image I chose to make a vignette and shone light to put the focus on the brown bridge. It also gives a wonderful depth to the image and the feeling that you can step out from the bridge over to the Öresund Bridge in the background. The bridge is beautifully situated by the blue sea and sky.

I think it is a pleasant design where my eyes can rest and dream away. It is suitable for many environments, such as bedrooms, TV rooms, public places and offices.

The photograph is available in different sizes and materials. I envision it to stand out in plexiglass.

Fairy land

Untitled photo

After a long walk in Christinehofs Ekopark we reached Hallamölla waterfall, which is Skåne's highest waterfall with a height of 23 meters. Divided into five streams comprise a natural migration for sea trouts that want upstream to spawn.

Below the waterfall there is a working water mill dated from the 1400s. The mill was shut down in the end of 1948, beginning of 1949 but can be seen in use every year at the Möllornas dag, the Day of the Mills.

The challenge with this particular photo was that I had to go out on the rocks in the water to get the perspective that I wanted, by the fall, the plants and the bridge. It is a beautiful and harmonious motif, which I have worked with in Photoshop to create a magical feeling. A rather dark subject lit by the natural light of the sun. Imagination triggers; will someone cross the bridge soon? Can you smell the scents, feel the heat in the air? Can you hear the birds sing, the water gurgle?

This is a photo that fits in many contexts ranging from bedroom, waiting rooms to product sheets, advertising for companies that work with water / environment or even as a photo wallpaper?

Heather and bilberry


I and my youngest son took a trip up the mining mountain in Boden to photograph. It is a popular target for capturing the view. So I took both images of the view in wide angle and macro images of plants.

This lonely heather twig caught my attention where it stood in the bilberry and insisted on my attention. It was a sunny and lovely afternoon and the light was perfect for the scene.

I chose a shallow depth of sharpening to make the heather stand out and really come into focus. But you can also discern blueberries in the background.

Heather has always been in my heart, with its crispness and elegance, so it is an image that evokes longing, smells and memories from when I lived in Boden. It was a moment in life when nature offers its beauty and wealth, absolutely free. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I have had access to it and all the beautiful pictures I got at the same time! The picture would do well both on paper, canvas and acrylic.

Lavender Dream - Just in Time

Untitled photo

" A butterfly picture out of the ordinary " was a comment this picture got on a forum for photographers. I can admit that I am very happy for both the comment and picture. A beautiful summer day in June 2006, I was out in my garden in Lund and photographed when I saw this little beauty sitting on my beloved lavender flower. I would say it is not so easy to get into a good sharpness and angle of a butterfly that is constantly on the go. The fact that it eats nectar is a real bonus!

I think the bright butterfly becomes beautiful here with the backlight against the dark background and the details become more clear. A real summer picture with warmth and joy!

This photo does a little extra for me because it is one of the first pictures I took with my first digital camera, which I bought when I decided to take up photography again, after a few years break, and focus on my passion.

This is a calming image that is soothing in the bedroom for example, in various waiting rooms such as the dentist, etc. It fits well on canvas, it is a modern alternative to framed pictures and it is flexible, vibrant and effective. Additionally, it provides significantly less glare from windows and lights .


Untitled photo

In August 2014 my youngest son and I traveled to my hometown Boden, where I was born and raised. We went there to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday! The summer of 2014 was a really amazing summer in terms of warm and sunny weather throughout the country, but especially in the north. So we had wonderful days and nights together. One evening I saw that it was going to be a beautiful sunset, so I took my mom with me to go and photo it. Is there anything more magical than a beautiful sunset? Could perhaps be the magical northern lights then.

We also visited Brännastrand in the centre of Boden, a popular place for all people. There is a long walking and bike path,which runs next to the water and there are lawns for relaxing, games or picnic. You can glimpse the church tower to the left of the picture.

The image has a strong sentimental value for me because my 80-year-old mother was with me when I took the picture and that I got to share that moment and experience with her means a lot to me.

There are some details in the picture that raises its value when you considerate it. In addition to the church tower, there is a beautiful fountain that offers a high water column and "dramatic" clouds which enliven the atmosphere and make it more vivid.

A sunset picture fits in many different environments as it is a soothing motif. The image is available in different materials such as exclusive photo paper, laminate, canvas, aluminum, plexiglass, diabond, kapa, PVC, MDF, plywood and glass.

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